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Solo Exhibitions
  • 2019    Border, Moin Gallery, Seoul, Korea Border.pdf
  • 2014    Looking back at Mt. Namsan while flowing along the Han River, Seoul City Hall, Korea 3rd.jpg
  • 2013    Natural Pixel, Gallery Mark, Seoul, Korea   Natural Pixel.pdf
  • 2006    Water Lights, Gallery X, 280 S. Columbus Drive, Chicago, IL, USA 1st.jpg

Group Exhibitions
  • 2021    Switch On, Online App Gallery Exhibition, https://switch-on.kr/ Switch-On.jpg
  • 2020    Plug-In City Seoul 2020, Online Web Gallery Exhibition, http://plugincity.org/ Plug-In_City.jpg
  • 2020    Push & Art, Gangdong Art Center, Seoul, Korea Push & Art.jpg
  • 2020    Color Tour with Kandinsky, Gimpo Cultural Foundation Art Center, Gimpo, Korea Kandinsky.jpg
  • 2018    The Strange Book Story Exhibition, National Library for Children and Young Adults, Seoul, Korea Book.jpg
  • 2017    G-Maker Fest 2017, Jo Hyun Wook Art Hall, Changwon National University, Korea G-Maker.jpg
  • 2017    Honmi Project, Dadaepo / Haeundae / Gwangalli Beach, Busan, Korea
  • 2017    Uplift, Media Art Project for Three-year Period of Sewol-ho, Gwanghwamun Plaza, Seoul, Korea
  • 2016    Hello! Media Art Exhibition, KT&G SangSang Madang, Seoul, Korea
  • 2016    Seoul International Digital Festival 2016, Gaepo Digital Innovation Park, Seoul, Korea
  • 2016    Art Vacation - 41 Days of Summer, Shinsegae-Department Gallery, Busan, Korea Shinsegae.jpg
  • 2016    KIMES 2016, DK Medical Solutions Interactive Zone, Coex, Seoul, Korea
  • 2015    JEJU-ICP 2015 International Design Exhibition, International Peace Center JEJU, Korea
  • 2015    KIAA 70th anniversary International Exhibition for Design & Crafts, Kepco Art Center Gallery, Korea
  • 2015    Heart Bot - Nabi Hackathon 2015, Art Center Nabi, Seoul, Korea Heart_Bot.jpg
  • 2014    Smart Illumination 2014, ZOU-NO-HANA Park, Yokohama, Japan Smart_Illumination.jpg
  • 2014    Korean Industrial Artists'Association 66th Members Exhibition, Kepco Art Center Gallery, Korea
  • 2014    1st Able Access Art Fair, Culture Station Seoul 284, Korea
  • 2013    Across, Media Art Group Exhibition, Hongik Museum of Modern Art, Seoul, Korea
  • 2012    JW Young Art Award Exhibition, Seoul Art Center Gong Pyeong Gallery, Korea
  • 2012    Nano Korea 2012, KICET Art Gallery, Coex, Seoul, Korea
  • 2011    SIGGRAPH ASIA 2011 Art Gallery, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong The Stone
  • 2011    Busan Biennale 2011 Sea Art Festival, Song-do beach, Busan, Korea
  • 2011    Movement, Media Art Show for KIA motors Pride, W hotel, Seoul, Korea
  • 2011    Media Circus, Digital Media Public Art Show, Ttukseom Park, Seoul, Korea
  • 2011    Les Medias, la Mode, la Morale, Hongik Museum of Modern Art, Seoul, Korea
  • 2011    Digital Architecture and Large Scale Media Art, Seoul Art Space Mullae, Korea
  • 2011    High as the Sky Wide as the Earth, Garden5 Spring Plaza, Seoul, Korea
  • 2010    The Meditation of Technology - the Garden of Media, Pohang Museum of Steel Art, Pohang, Korea
  • 2010    Dong Dong, Sang-sang Tok-tok Museum of Art, Seoul Dream Forest, Korea
  • 2010    ThisAbility, Community media center, Busan, Korea
  • 2009    ThisAbility, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China
  • 2008    Universal Electronic Art, Seongnam Arts Center, Seongnam, Korea
  • 2008    thisAbility vs. Disability, Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
  • 2008    Asiagraph 2008 Digital Gallery, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China
  • 2007    SAIC Graduate Students MFA thesis exhibition, Gallery 2, Chicago, IL, USA
  • 2007    FOCI cultural exhibition, Gene Siskel Film Center's Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA
  • 2006    SIGGRAPH 2006 Art Gallery, Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Boston, MA, USA Water Lights
  • 2006    The Ratio of Nature, Display case, Michigan Bldg. 112 S. Michigan Ave. 4th floor, Chicago, IL, USA
  • 2004    Hongik Digital Media Design BFA thesis exhibition, Seoul International Design Plaza, Seoul, Korea
  • 2003    Glass Xylophone 2003(Collaborative Work), HCI 2003 Design Art Exhibition, Phoenix Park, Korea

Book & Paper
  • 2020    Book - Hi! Interactive Media Art, 464p, Insight Book, 2020.3.18 안녕! 인터랙티브 미디어아트
  • 2019    A Study on Practical Use of Processing Program for Interactive Technology Education: Focusing on Library Usage
              and Practice Examples, Korea Multimedia Society, The journal of multimedia information system Vol.22, no6,
              ISSN 1229-7771
  • 2018    Study on the Role of Interactive Media Art as Public Art, The Institute of Dankook Global Visual Contents,
              Converged Content and Storytelling Vol.3
  • 2017    A Study on the Promotion of Competitiveness of Technology Education Based on the 4th Industrial Revolution in
              Gyeong-nam Area: Practical Using Arduino Convergence Contents Education Program, The Institute Social Chosun
              University, Northeast Asian Studies Vol.32, no2, ISSN 1738-4060
  • 2014    Book - Hi! Media Art, 440p, Insight Book, 2014.7.31 안녕! 미디어아트
  • 2011    Light Space -The Stone- Digital Installation Art through Korean Traditional View of Nature, Asia Digital Art and
              Design Association, International Journal Vol.14, ISSN 1738-8074

  • 2017    Media Zone, Yangsan-nambu market, Yangsan, Korea
  • 2013    Water Lights of JW(Water Lights 5th Ed), JW Pharmaceutical, Seoul, Korea
  • 2010    Yulgok Landscape, The Wardroom of the Yulgok YiYi Aegis Battleship, Korean Navy
  • 2010    Landscape, Seoul-font gallery, J-bug Culture Complex in Ttukseom Park, Seoul, Korea

  • 2013    Grants for Arts Creation-Visual Arts, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Korea
  • 2012    Grand Prize, Media Art Section, JW Young Art Award
  • 2011    The Special Selection Award, Busan Biennale 2011 Sea Art Festival
  • 2007    Certificate of Recognition from the 13th Annual Student Leadership Dinner, SAIC
  • 2006    Artist Grants from the Student Government, SAIC
  • 2006    Second Year International Graduate Student Scholarship, SAIC

  • 2020    Evaluation Committee: 2021 Gyeongsangbuk-do Representative Social Media Operation Project, Korea
  • 2020    Lecture, Media Art Creation Using Arduino, Korea University of Technology and Education, Korea KOREATECH
  • 2020    Lecture, Media Art-Processing Special Lecture, Palbok Art Factory, Jeonju, Korea Palbok
  • 2020    Workshop, Media Art Creation, Musashino University of the Arts, Japan Musashino
  • 2019    VR/AR Virtual Content Development Workshop, Chonnam National University, Korea, Aug. 5
  • 2019    Lecture on Practical Technology used in Interactive Media Art, Fab Lab Daejeon, Korea, July 10
  • 2018    Culture and Art Education Workshops for Youth, JFAC, Jeju, Korea, Oct. 13
  • 2018    3D Printing Special Lecture, Changwon National University, Korea, Feb.
  • 2017    Maker Product Workshop, G-Maker Fest 2017, Changwon National University, Korea, Sept. 14
  • 2017    Interview, keywords in the 4th Industry include Media Art, Monthly People, Dec.
  • 2017    Workshop, Local Cultural Experience Creation Program, KOFAC, July
  • 2017    3D Printing Special Lecture, Changwon National University, Korea, Feb.
  • 2016    MMCA Edu Lounge, Educational Tool Production Workshop, MMCA, Seoul, Korea, Oct
  • 2016    Workshop, Interactive Media Art Production Process, DIP, Daegu, Korea, Sept.6
  • 2016    Media Art Special Lecture, Hanmi Pharm. Co., Ltd., Korea, Aug. 26
  • 2016    Bit, Light Children's Creative Workshop, MMCA Seoul, Korea, Aug. 3, 10
  • 2016    Media Art Special Lecture, KT&G SangSang-Madang Academy, Korea, July. 23 SSMA poster
  • 2016    Media Art Special Lecture, Tree Frog School of Advertisement, Korea, July. 13 Frog School
  • 2016    3D Printing Lecture for Advanced, GCAF & Changwon National University, Korea, May. 23
  • 2016    3D Printing Special Lecture, Changwon National University, Korea, Feb. 1
  • 2015    Cover Story, Let's MAKE Webzine vol. 4, Korea, Nov. 1, Make Webzine 2015. 11
  • 2015    Physical Computing Class for PRO, Media Art Workshop, Art Center Nabi, Seoul, Korea, Sept. 2 Nabi
  • 2015    Lecturer, Media Art Workshop, Gwanggyo-Gyeonggi Culture Center, Korea, July 31
  • 2015    DIY: life of research, Media Art Workshop, Art Center Nabi, Seoul, Korea, July 29
  • 2015    Interview, Maker's movements, KCDF Craft+Design 2015 vol. 12, Korea, Mar. 16 KCDF_#12
  • 2015    Open the Media Art Class, KT&G SangSang-Madang Academy, Seoul, Korea, Jan. 9 SangSang
  • 2014    The Memeber of Jury, Contest of Employment Security for the Disabled, Korea, Mar. 28
  • 2013    Interview, Media Art Web Zine, AliceOn, Korea, Oct. 18 Interview_2013
  • 2011    Invited Speaker, Physical Computing, Ulsan National Institute of Sci. & Tech., Korea, Dec. 2
  • 2010    Invited Artist, 2010 Gangneung Haslla International Residency, Haslla Art World, Korea, Aug. 19
  • 2008    Invited Artist, isAT2008 Open Workshop, Korea National University of Arts, Korea, Oct. 8
  • 2008    Invited Artist, 2008 Haslla International Symposium & Exhibition, Haslla Art World, Korea, Sept. 30
  • 2008    Invited Speaker, -Current, Current, Current-, Hong Ik University, Korea, Sept. 22
  • 2008    Invited Artist, thisAbility vs. Disability Seminar, Chung Ang University, Korea, July 23
  • 2008    Invited Speaker, Art and Technology Seminar, DePaul University, USA, Jan. 31
  • 2007    Lecturer, Art & Tech lunch lectures, Presented by Department of Art & Technology, SAIC, April
  • 2006    Interview with Web, Monthly Magazine, Korea, December, Page 84
  • 2006    Water Lights in Graphics Live, Monthly Magazine, Korea, September, Page 92-93
  • 2006    Water Lights in Electronic Art and Animation Catalog, SIGGRAPH 2006, USA, August, Page 72
  • 2006    Lecturer, Respect Reflect Reform, Presented by Korean Graduate Student Community, SAIC, Nov.
  • 2006    Lecturer, Ready Made Karma, Presented by Korean Graduate Student Community, SAIC, May

Work Experience
  • 2023-Present   Assistant Professor, Kyungpook National University, Korea
  • 2020-2023   Assistant Professor, Kyungil University, Korea
  • 2019-2020   Instructor, Chonnam National University, Korea
  • 2015-2020   Adjunct Professor, Dong-A University, Korea
  • 2016-2019   Instructor, Changwon National University, Korea
  • 2015   Instructor, Hanseo University, Korea
  • 2014-2016   Committee Member, Korean Industrial Artists'Association, Korea
  • 2009-2013   Senior Researcher, WCU Digital Media Public Art Research Center, Hong Ik University, Korea
  • 2009-2012   Instructor, Hong Ik University, Korea
  • 2007-2008   Exhibit Technician, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, IL
  • 2007    Teaching Assistant, Media Practices class, professor: Angela Mobley, Luis Ulloa, SAIC, Spring
  • 2006    Teaching Assistant, Robotics class, professor: John Manning, SAIC, Fall
  • 2006    Teaching Assistant, First Year Program, SAIC, Spring
  • 2006    Art and Technology Department Assistant, SAIC, Spring
  • 2005    Art and Technology Department Assistant, SAIC, Winter
  • 2005    Artist Assistant, Steven Waldeck's Atlanta Air Port Project, Fall & Winter

  • 2017    Patent Registration, Earphone Accessories with Sound, No. 10_1750091, Korea
  • 2013    Patent Registration, LED Display Device, No. 10_1267753, Korea

  • 2007     M.F.A. Art and Technology Studies, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL, USA
  • 2005     B.F.A. Advertising and Multi-media Design, Hong Ik University, Korea
  • 1997     Pusan High School of Art, Korea

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